Wednesday, October 19, 2016

5 Actions that Unleash the Power of Everyone

No organization, no family, no church, no athletic team, no nothing involving more than one person succeeds on its own. And the formula for success is not that complicated. In fact, there are really on five actions that are necessary to unleash the power of everyone, making the mission of any group of people a success.

Everyone Prays

I realize not everyone is a person of faith, but that is the only perspective I can speak to. So I am convinced of its necessity. Prayer changes what is possible, and mostly within the heart and mind of the one praying. When we pray, God opens our hearts, minds and spirits to see ourselves thriving in a bigger, deeper life than we could ever imagine without prayer. If you are not one who prays regularly, let me suggest starting with just five minutes a day to give thanks, confess and surrender, ask for clarity and direction, ask for the courage to give yourself away on behalf of others. What if a whole organization, or everyone in a family did this?  

Everyone Shows Up

Our attentions are pulled in a hundred different directions and it is very easy to over-commit. This means we sometimes flake on our responsibilities, or give them far less than our best. The best thing to do is to decide what is really important and give those things your best. No one likes a teammate who does not show up for practice, or whose head is not in the game. This kills trust and morale. So solidify your priorities – not someone else’s – and then show up.

Everyone Gives

Show me how a person spends their time, money and energy and I will be able to easily tell you what it is they really worship. Where are you investing the best of your time, energy, talent, skills and abilities and other resources? If your organization, your team, your family, your church is going to succeed, it is going to need the best you have to give, not your leftovers. Of course the payoffs to the smartest investments also reap the greatest rewards. So it’s not like you are being asked to sacrifice – at least not in the long run. It may feel like it in the moment, but your vision needs to stretch beyond that, or life is likely to be one long series of disillusionments and disappointments. You were made for more than that!

Everyone Serves

This is more than just giving your time and talents to add value to the organization. This is where you invest in the people around you. It I based on the biblical principle that Jesus did not come to be serve, but to serve. Real leaders and team players know that they are engaged in a lifelong exercise of serving others. This may seem risky, but if everyone on the team or in the family holds this as a high, non-negotiable value, there is no risk. You can serve freely not fearing being taken advantage of, because those around you are just as committed to serving you.

Everyone Communicates

How we talk with and about each other is so powerful. The best communication takes place in a climate of trust and honesty. Even communication that flows from conflict is productive because self-interest is not the driver, but the good of the other and of the organization is. This kind of open communication ends the need for water-cooler talk or parking lot gossip. And it has another positive effect as well. Members talk up and speak positively about your team or family or organization in public. If you are in business, this beats any campaign you could possibly dream up in terms of finding great people to hire. Your people become evangelists for your organization, no program required.

This is the power of everyone, and these five actions will make your group, no matter what it is, unstoppable in its mission.
Be encouraged!

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