Tuesday, May 3, 2016

13 Things You Need to Get Figured Out Eventually

How to laugh at yourself
Everyone else already is, so you might as well join in, right? Seriously, the ability to laugh at yourself endears you to your friends and strangers, and completely disarms your enemies. So lighten up.

How to keep learning
When you stop learning, you build a wall around yourself that forever remains your prison. Knock the walls down and learn something new.

How to ask great questions
When you ask great questions, you draw out the best in others. When you do, even though you have never shared an opinion, others will go on and on about your wisdom.

How to listen
God created. 2 ears. 1 mouth. Enough said. But if you need more, you win more friends by being interested than trying to be interesting.

How to encourage
Way to go! You rock! I appreciate you so much! Thanks so much for the value you add! All of these are phrases that need to be a regular part of your daily lexicon. Use them lavishly.

How to refuse being offended

If you don’t know or are insecure about who you are, others will be able to offend you easily. If you are confident in who you are and what you are on earth to do, nothing can put a dent in that.

How to let go of anger 

Letting go of anger is like letting go of an anchor that is dragging you to the bottom of the lake. You cannot win. You can only drown. Holding on to anger only punishes you. Reward yourself instead and let go of anger.

How to embrace discontent
This is a skill that will take you to amazingly great places. When you match your passions, gifts, talents and skills with a need, wrong or injustice that consumes you, the world had better watch out!

How to love unconditionally
First, realize you are unconditionally loved by God
. You really are. Give thanks for that. Then show that same love to lots of someone elses and watch them transform before your very eyes. It may take time, but it will happen.

How to be resilient
Don’t give up. When you are tired, beaten up, worn down, out of gas and want to stop, don’t! Find a new way to go about things, or learn something new that will help you, or find someone to walk with you. But do NOT quit.

How to be empathetic
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Listen to their story and find something in theirs to connect to yours. You don’t have to hijack the conversation, but let them know what part of their story you get.

How to lead yourself
Great leaders are also great followers. Leading yourself means engaging in practices that produce growth in yourself. Read, counsel, listen, ask, learn, practice, reassess and go again. No matter how high you go, never stop this.

How to serve others
Life is not about you. It is about adding value to those you love, and those with whom you are in some kind of relationship. Without serving, life is flat, gray, lonely and ultimately meaningless. You are way to awesome to live like that! Serve others!

Be encouraged!

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