Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why Mediocre Always Avoids Feedback

It could have been any team reviewing a project, but I was once in a debriefing meeting of a worship service with our worship team members. As it happened, we had guests from other worship teams in other church there that day to observe how we did it. 
At the end of our meeting, their response was, "We could never have a meeting like that with our team. You guys were so honest. If you thought someone missed a mark or transition or blew the timing on something, you just said it. If something technical was off with the sound or lighting, you pointed it out right in front of the tech team member responsible. A lot of you even admitted stuff you did wrong that others didn't even notice. I mean, you were gracious and constructive about all of it, but we could never do that with our team without hurting people's feelings and having people quit."
Here's why this kind of honest assessment is so hard and rarely happens in most organizations, and especially in churches. Honest assessment is easy when...

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