Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Signs You Are an Emotionally Strong Leader

Almost everyone will agree on the last of these 5 signs. But it may be their misunderstanding of the issues around the first 4 ever keep them from becoming the leader of character they long to be.
  1. You freely confess your limitations. We all have them. And chances are the people closest to you already know yours. So you might as well admit them so you can join in on the conversation. Once you do, you are free to seek help in those areas, and others are far more willing to step up knowing they are needed and appreciated.
  2. You are open about your doubts and fears. If these are debilitating, you need to see professional help. But most people living in the real world have some of these on some level. If your team is aware of these, they can know how to encourage you, especially if you are good at encouraging them. It will also help your team know how to communicate with you in a way that helps those doubts and fears to be overcome.
  3. You are willing to fail, and you do it with grace. The old saying goes, if at first you DO succeed, try something harder. You usually do not grow unless you fail from time to time, Failure means you have stretched yourself. And if you can keep from wallowing in self-pity, you will probably learn invaluable lessons from that failure that pay off in big ways in the future.
  4. You would rather cheer someone on that try to control them. No one is stronger than the one who can remain confident and content when not in control. This happens when a leader knows her investment of time spent mentoring and coaching those beneath her will pay its highest dividends only when she lets go and trusts her team to do their thing while she cheers them on.
  5. You find your identity in your character rather than other people’s assessment of you. No one is more easily manipulated and controlled than the one who has to prove himself to the unrealistic, self-serving and otherwise dysfunctional expectations of others. If you are a person of competence, conviction and character, you already know this. The greatest gift you can give is to pass on this knowledge and confidence to those you lead.
May you find the strength to become the kind of leader others willingly follow because of the strength of your character, and the value you add to the lives of those you serve through your leadership.

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