Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years, Transitions, and That Music Thing in Movies

Right now, I am not only at my first day of work in the New Year, I am also at my first day of work in a new city! Transitions are always interesting – a little exciting, a little nerve-racking, a little mysterious. Whether it is an actual change like a job, or a made-up change like New Years, transitions always represent a shift from the old the new. 

So here’s the thing, that shift does not have to wait for a holiday or a career move. It does not have to wait until you get your driver’s license, or graduate high school, or graduate college, or get married, or start your career, or have kids, or get a promotion, or get the kids graduated, or have grandkids, or retire, or move to Florida, or die. The transition from the kind of life you have been living to the kind of life you want can happen any time.

But you have to be honest with yourself and ask: 1) Who is it that I really am? 2) Who is it that I want to be/ that God made me to be? 3) What is the first step I need to take to move from who I am to who I want to be? If you will ask yourself, and honsetly answer those three questions, you could have an incredible transitional moment at any time.  

I ran across this anaolgy recently but can't remember where.  It’s like that time in a movie where the lead character has been struggling to come to grips with broken dreams or unforeseen obstacles that have redirected his or her life down a difficult, potentially life-crushing road. The music in the background is slow, in a minor key and revolves around the same three notes drawn out over and over again. Then the music changes in a moment. An awakening takes place and a power chord is struck that launches into an energetic buildup of added instruments contributing to a building intensity that resolves in a full symphonic crescendo, and the protagonist, with great courage and optimism, because of this great awakening, determines in a moment who they have decided to become. New life has begun!  And nothing – absolutely nothing – is ever the same again!  

You can have a moment like that with God at any point. It does not ususally work this way, but I believe that's partly because no one really tells us it can.  But it can!  It just takes some ruthless honesty, and an authentic, resolute decision to become the person you were meant to be.  Beginning to become who God made you to be is a moment away.  

May the non-descript music droning in the background begin to fade in your life. May a new chord be struck that signals the transition into the beginning of a musical masterpiece. May you determine to live out a new story driven by who you were made to be when God first dreamed of you. And may today be the day that your story changes forever.


  1. Welcome to FUMC Coppell! We have mutual friends -- relatives in our case. Luke, Paula, Meredith and Oz Davis from LHUMC... They speak very highly of you. Can't wait to meet you and the rest of the fam!

  2. Whoops. Forgot I had an online pseudonym on this one. Welcome from Marsha Tunnell and Bob Rehm.