Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The People You Love to be Around

Jesus was a people magnet. Why? You could say it was because he told the truth. Agreed. You could say it is because he stood up to the powers of injustice. No doubt. You could say it is because he was different and spoke with such power and authority. Very true.

But I think the reason Jesus was a people magnet is that he was the kind of person we all like to be around. He made people feel better. Now when we say that - feel better - we put the emphasis on the word feel. I think the first followers of Jesus would put it on better.

Jesus improved them. His joy was contagious, as was his love for others. His mercy, compassion , forgiveness and authentic interest in the people he encountered made him irresistible to so many. All of us love to be around people like that.

People who exude compassion make us more compassionate just by being around them. People who are joyfully optimistic make us more joyful and optimistic as we spend time with them. People who forgive freely and move forward with grace make us do the same as we continue to rub shoulders with them.

May the Holy Spirit fill your life with people that improve you. May you be the kind of person that improves the lives of those you love and with whom you rub shoulders. And as people are drawn to what is contagious about you, may they also be drawn to Jesus, alive and shining through you!

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