Monday, July 30, 2012

When God Gives You More Than You Can Handle

God loves you way too much to give you only what you can handle. In fact, you will always be given more. I know this flies in the face of all of those Facebook memes which seem to be the repositories of all the world's greatest wisdom. But let me ask; in the Bible, when does God ever break into someone's life and ask them to do something easy? The answer you are looking for is, never. And of course, if you know much about the Bible, you know that the person being asked almost always responds by saying something like, "No way you could mean me, God!"

But God loves us too much to let us live a life of safety and comfort, free of challenge and risk and uncertainty and doubt. It is counter-intuitive, but we need to avoid safety and security at all costs. They will domesticate us and make us unfit to pursue the very high-risk venture of following Jesus wherever he goes. People who are safe and secure do not need anyone to follow or trust. Only people who have risked it all need someone to come through for them. Only people who have launched out into the deep need the grace of a Savior.

Yes, God's love is found when we are safe and secure. But with all of my heart, I do not believe God's love will ever leave us in that place. I believe God will always drive us out of safety and comfort and into the places where our only choice is to trust - to put our faith - in Christ. This is what produces maturity. This is what produces disciples. This is what produces a human being, fully alive!

May you be blessed to regularly live with more than you can handle. May you find in that the grace you need to bring you closer to the heart of God. And may you come to know ever increasing depths of God's love as you joyfully place your trust in Jesus.

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