Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why I Left the Human Race

I was born into a human home and grew up with human parents.  All of my closest associations were with humans.  I played with other human children, went to human schools, played sports with humans, worshipped with them, wore human clothing and spoke a human language. 

I was told that humans were the pinnacle of evolution on this planet.  We were smarter, more capable than other creatures and sat comfortably at the top of the food chain.  We were the best of the best.  And we just operated as though it were true.  All other living things were there for us to enjoy - there for our benefit to either nurture or exploit, whichever we saw fit.

But as I grew older, I began to notice something about humans.  They lied to each other and even to themselves.  They cheated each other.  They broke agreements, did physical harm to and even killed each other.  I came to realize that humans want to be thought of as good, but are perfectly willing to do what is horrific if it will get them what they want.  

It does not matter which religion or politics or philosophical notions they profess.  None of them has any lasting effect.  The results are the same.  You cannot fix humanity.  It's not that humanity is broken.  That would imply that is used to work.  It has never worked.  It is inherently defective.  Sorry, humans.  But as one of your own prophets has said, "Baby, (you were) born this way!" 

Oh, a few humans are a bit more noble than some of the others.  They recognize the flaws in humanity and vow to work within the human system to transform the defects and do what they can to move humanity toward some kind of ideal existence.  But they are deluding themselves. 

The worst part of it was, I began to notice that I was becoming like them.  I saw in them what I was capable of as a result of their influence.  So as painful as it is, I really feel I have no choice but to leave the human race. 

I do not say this because I think I am better than the humans.  It's just that what they do and are is so repugnant to me, and so contrary to what I thought being a life-form could be. 

So, what does that make me?  I don't know.  I am hopeful that my journey will be enlightened by a new, non-human way of embracing the universe.  The good thing is, I am not alone in my journey.  I have met so many others who have put behind them the lies, hypocrisy and abuse of power to which humans so easily give themselves, and we are ready to step out in courage to forge a new path. 

This path will take the shape of a new mission to reach out to other young, disillusioned humans and to exploit their self-loathing nature to get them to buy our books and read our blogs and pay money to listen to us speak at conferences about how messed up humans are.

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