Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living in the Extremes

A recent Twitter post of mine read;

Grace or Justice? Forgiveness or Accountability? Support or Challenge? Embrace or Remove? Some want balance. What about both extremes?

While it may sound a bit odd (it does to me as well), let me explain it like this. If you have ever tried to balance anything on your finger, and the weight of the object is centered directly over your finger, like a yard stick standing on end, the job of achieving balance becomes difficult. If, however, you turn the yardstick sideways where more of the weight is extended away from the center of the object, It is much easier to keep the object from falling off you finger and crashing to the ground.

My post simply asks the question, what would happen if we moved through life pursuing the values of Scripture in their most extreme forms? Rather than think that seemingly opposing values must mitigate one another, what if God was not confused when calling for radical compassion and radical justice to be lived out in the same life? What if God wanted us to radically separate ourselves from any hint of sin, and radically embrace a sinful world and its inhabitants? What would that look like? Would it be more likely that we would not always be wobbling back and forth and have an easier time keeping our lives and our understanding of God from crashing to the ground without resorting to embracing weak, politically aligned ideologies to defend us?

Okay, if I ask the question I should give the answer, right? Well, what if we should radically pursue answers, and be radically content if they remain elusive? If you want to share your thoughts about how to live, or the value of living on the radical extremes, feel free.

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