Friday, September 9, 2011

Be Not Judged, Lest You Start Judging Others

Not long ago, Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like fame said in a Tweet, "Stop giving your critics PhDs." That's great advice. But I couldn't leave the thought alone. It seems that in our culture, people do other, similar kinds of things that cause our lives to get all junked up. Evidence can be seen, I think, in the popularity of tv shows that feature some kind of contest to find the next singing, dancing, or on-stage performing star. Maybe we like these shows because for a change, we feel like, "Finally, someone other than me is being judged and voted on."

All kinds of thoughts come to mind, but I won't inflict them on you. However, I will ask, does this strike anyone else as a possible signal that we give way to much value - maybe pathologically so - to what we think are the opinions others have, or judgments others make about us? I mean, when you think about it, I doubt anyone is even paying much attention. They are all worried that you are judging them. You're not, are you?

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