Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Cool Presence

This is a hopeful title. One note about this kind of poetry. It is really meant to be heard and not so much read. So you visual types may read this and think, "It makes no sense." I am hopeful you auditory types will get it. Either way, here it is.

A Cool Presence

Heat of the day when things start to weigh
Heavy and oppressive, making me sway
In the hot, burning sun, seeking relief where there's none
To be found in the solutions that are my main stay, undone.

So I seek other means, on scene but unseen
By eyes not yet clean that see dimly what is on full display.

A cool breeze has arrived to bring strength and revive
A natural breath not contrived that makes the dying
Come alive, thrive and more than survive the wave
Of burning meant to hurt you
Keep you from turning to the one who
Makes all learning come though
Alive fresh and brand new
So that you and me
And all who share eternity
Find ourselves discerning what is true.

Jesus is true, the glorious one
God's son, sins undone, punishment gone, there is none
Life is now here, a shifting of gears from reverse to forward, steer
Down the new road ahead
Cancel code red
For our sin load he bled,
Blood shed from his hands, feet and head
Life became dead.
The heat of that day seemed to have its way.

But death could not be the ender of life
A new breath has come, so surrender, cease strife
And embrace the Son, the giver, and tender of life.
Who is shade in the storm or the heat
Turmoil in any form, his work complete.

Now, return to the place of Adam and Eve
Our hope is retrieved, no longer deceived
The heat must now leave and give way
Now receive and believe,
God's presence is here, the cool of the day.

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