Friday, July 1, 2011

Saying "No" to July 4 Celebrations?

There have been a few articles and blogs recently written by conscientious people who refuse to celebrate the 4th of July on grounds that our country was founded on violence and hypocrisy. This has caused me to reconsider 2 of my deeply held beliefs. 

One involves reconsidering reincarnation. The hippies from the 60's are back and the only things missing are the demonstrations against our troops as supporting an evil nation despised by God that . . . wait! The folks at Westbroro have that covered. So between these modern day America-bashing, non-kissing cousins of hippies and those protesting our troops, I guess the 60's are back in full force. One thing, where is the cool folk music? Oh well.

The second reconsideration is my own personal commitment to the celebration of Independence Day. I agree with those who say that we need to put an end to this celebration of injustice and hypocrisy. Every Fourth of July, I am forced to pack my family in a car and drive to some remote location, get out of the car and sit in an open area with thousands of other mind-numbed drones and watch a predictable spectacle of choreographed explosions in the 90+ degree Texas heat. When it's over, we sit in a line of cars waiting for up to 3 hours to leave the parking area, everyone needing a bathroom, and we inevitably get stuck behind the guy in the rusted out pickup with the "No-Bama" bumper sticker spewing 25 times the exhaust emissions of a 1978 International Cabover. There is no justice in this, and to call it a celebration is an evil deception. 

So this year, I'm with the hippies (but not their cousins from Westboro) in saying "no" to Independence Day celebrations. In fact, I am eschewing all celebrations during the time of year when a rocket's red glare would show up as substantially cooler than the surrounding atmosphere on a thermal imaging screen. And if you try to make me celebrate, I'm off to Canada. It's much cooler there anyway.

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