Thursday, June 30, 2011

Starting a New Job

Remember your first day at a new job?  Or are you still trying to forget?  It can be awkward.  You don't know exactly what to do, where to go, or even when to go or do.

I start a new job tomorrow, but my anxiety level is  lower than normal, I think.  Not because I got it like that (I have no idea what that means but my teenage girls say it all the time and then giggle), but because of what I get to do.  I get to partner with some wonderful folks at First United Methodist Church of McKinney to launch a new community of faith in the city of Melissa in 2012!

As cool as that is, it is a venture into the unknown, the uncertain, and the unpredictable.  Most of us try to avoid these things in favor of the known, certain and predictable.  We call it security.  But let's be honest.  At some point, so much security finally becomes jail doesn't it?

Did Jesus say come, follow me and I will give you a comfortable and worry free life?  The kind of life we live is not promised.  Who will be living it with us is.  So this is the real reason I am excited about starting a new job tomorrow.  It is a new opportunity to see how Jesus, our Emmanuel, God with us, will be with me.  I expect to remember this first day on the job for all the right reasons.

Blessings to those of you who might be looking at new beginnings of your own.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Naming a New Church, Again

So next month I go on staff at First UMC of McKinney to start a new United Methodist Church in Melissa TX.  First McKinney will be the mother church.  I have met several of the staff, knew a few of them already, and look forward to meeting the rest along with the members there. 

This coming Sunday, July 3, I will be in all 6 - yes, 6 - worship services!  Wow!  You can tell there is an energy and buzz about this place that is contagious.  My prayer and confident expectation is that we can extend this contagion to the community of Melissa very soon.

In the mean time, all kinds of things are running through my head.  So if anyone can help me out, there is one issue that I'd like to get a head start on right now.  What to name the new church?  What can I use that has not been used?  All kinds of churches have words like corner, cross, roads, life, way, point, fellowship, creek, faith, etc...  So after hours of wondering, the only thing I have been able to come up with is "Lifeway, Crossraods, Cornerpoint, Fellowship Creek United Methodist Church."  Seems a bit unwieldy.  

All more reasonable suggestion are welcome.  God's peace.