Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is Why I Am a Christian

Christmas is why I am a Christian. I know that some argue for Easter as the most theologically significant holiday, and I would never disagree with that. But for me, Christmas is what connects me to the faith more than anything else. Why? Because God the Son came to us. The Eternal took a step into time and changed everything.

This is what separates the Christian faith from all others. Other faiths seem to be mostly about how we get to the divine. What laws must we obey? To what moral code must we adhere? What prayers must we pray and when? What religious observances must we perform? How can I be good enough to deserve or earn the presence of God in my life? A faith like that could never captivate my soul.

But Christianity is different. Jesus being born in a manger is God saying to the world, “I already love you and I am coming to you to show it. I will make a way for your sins to be overcome so that you can be with me as I always intended.”

Say this to yourself slowly: God ---- came --- to us. Amazing! Captivating! No other god behaves this way.

Every year we get to celebrate this universe-shaking event of God coming to us. It is appropriate that we sing songs and decorate our houses and neighborhoods and gather with family and friends and eat special meals and exchange gifts and hold special services to commemorate such a great event as God coming to us. It can be exhausting at times, but what else can we do but celebrate? The news is just so good.

I am a Christian because of Christmas. God --- came --- to us.

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