Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Risk is to Win

We need a challenge to thrive and know
We are fully alive and not slow to arrive at
The adventure for which we are created
But is too often abated as we become sedated
Pursuing the falsely inflated, abandoning our drive
To fulfill that call of One, who causes the fall of none,
But dreams that all might run to
A life of challenge and risk and not knowing
Like a raging river that’s flowing
A swift current that’s towing us toward more,
Out of the shallows and into the deep.
Only this kind of life makes a heart leap
And dance and spin knowing that only those
Who risk may win, or ever begin to experience true joy.
Thriving through challenge is not just a ploy
To put us on the edge, overlooking the ledge
Where there is no room to hedge regarding our actions
Finding safer satisfactions in domesticated reactions’
That never led to a life that’s truly full.
God-fashioned creatures need a challenge to live
That human-authored utopias never could give or
Hope to make real, there’s just no appeal to
Living something that feels true,
But its emptiness revealed though
A self-serving goal rather than a life poured out.
That is the challenge – to live for the least,
Stop feeding the beast of self-serving gain
Where life spirals down the drain
Nothing assuaging the pain of
Knowing that my chance came and I missed it.
But the one I follow says there is grace, and I see
As I catch a glimpse of his face than I retake my place
And then pick up the challenge once again,
Back in the race, knowing to risk is to win.

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