Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working It Out With Fear and Trembling

I like Rick McKinley’s call to dive into the Beautiful Mess of the world we live in just as Jesus did. That is part of working out our salvation as we are encouraged to do in Philippians 2:12. But I also like the part of resting in God’s grace and trusting that ultimately, it is God who is accomplishes the work of the kingdom through us as it says in the very next verse of Philippians 2. I know so many people who struggle with this as though the two approaches are contradictory. Well, if that is the case, then was the writer of Philippians trying to confuse us? Was he ignorant and missed the contradiction in his own words? Or was he saying exactly what he intended to say knowing very well the implications of juxtaposing what seem to be two divergent thoughts? Maybe he knew that the truth of how to live is found in the intersection of verses 12 and 13.

May I learn to walk in this life and see/
To be/ a person free to grasp eternity
And not flee/ holy responsibility/ without
Making it seem like it all depends on me.

May I learn to rest in this life and know/
The One who runs the show/ is good to go/
And not strive so/ trust the Spirit flow/
Not hide my eyes or refuse to stretch and grow.

Truth is where these thoughts collide/
I can no longer hide/ from either side/
But embrace the ride/ taking me where
Contradictions reveal/ and no longer conceal.

Strong, strong appeal.

But more than appealing/ it brings me to kneeling/
Before the God who brings healing/ to
The minds of those who/ have hearts that care to/
Even who dare to/ ones fully aware who/

Embrace mystery and depth and completeness/
Remove the ceiling.

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