Saturday, March 28, 2009

All is Not Vanity

Last night the Small Group I attend started walking through Ecclesiastes. Right up front I was struck by the reality that I have been in a kind of “vanity of vanities” syndrome all week long. It may be the mood of a lot more people than I am aware these days. But it certainly hit me.

Watching the world news, it’s the same kind of thing I have heard all of my life. There are twists and turns in the news that are unique to our time and place in history, but overall, there really is nothing new under the sun.

I wrote 3 blogs earlier in the week and posted none of them. I didn’t even save a copy. One was on the economic mess we are in and the attempts to get us out on the part of the government. But the more I read about the approaches to a solution, I discovered that they were simple modifications of already existing strategies with already known benefits and flaws. All of these have been commented on ad nauseum.

Another abandoned post was about how the church is no friend to the Kingdom of God when it preaches a message that is married to a more-is-better ideology if “more” does also include qualities like humility, generosity, sacrifice, open-handedness and selfless giving.

I can’t even remember the third post.

All of the above are important things. And a lot of faithful people are involved in bringing about just economic solutions that also honor and reward hard work and creative enterprise. And a lot of faithful people are working to refocus the church back on the things Jesus cared about and get our eyes off the false prize of a consumer-driven gospel. These are struggles I believe in too. This is not just striving after the wind.

Maybe my struggle is that I don’t always feel as connected to the purposes of God and the mission of Jesus as I should. Solomon concluded that only what one does as part of a life lived in the faithful following of God really matters. Although the days of my youth are just a combination of fond and embarrassing memories, maybe it is not too late to remember my Creator.

Thanks Omar.