Friday, February 13, 2009

Word of God, Speak

How can I tame the God of the flame
The name of fame who will not be framed,
Constrained in a way that I might hear his voice

How am I to take the God of the quake
Who will not himself shake for my sake
Or partake of my challenge, a fake to make his voice heard,
No mistake.

How will I snare the God of the air
Unfair, blowing harder than I can bear but
Despair to know his voice is not there in spite of my dare
So where?

Not in the flame. Assumption wrong. I stand ashamed.
Not in the quake as I thought for so long. I am to blame.
Not in the air no matter how strong. God’s voice is renamed.

A whisper. Still and small though not at all weak
There for those who seek not the dramatic but meek.
And so I listen, quietly. Word of God, speak.

Inspired by 1 Kings 19:11-13

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