Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Kingdom Comes

This was inspired by Rick McKinley's book, The Beautiful Mess. It talks about three kinds of Kingdoms pursued by would-be followers of Jesus. The first is a kingdom where we continue to rule but invite Jesus to be our adviser and counselor. But Jesus has no interest in that, So we ask Jesus to sit on the throne and rule our kingdom - OUR kingdom. But he has no interest in that either. Finally we realize that we must surrender our little kingdom for the real thing - the Kingdom of God where Christ does not have to be invited to be king. He already is. So here it is.

A Kingdom Comes

The kingdom of God has come,
For all and not some, it is done by the on
He is Jesus the Son of God who is love
Above but not just there, like dust in the air
But everywhere and then everywhen
See him if you dare to open your eyes.
His call is clear to those who would hear
And enter with no fear to the kingdom drawn near.

And we answer with “yes” but is it just a guess
That we know what he came to show
Or are we too slow in our minds to find
The path of the one who said “Go”
Got out of your bed so
The world of the dead know
There is nothing to dread, no
And I have come for them; for life.

We respond to the king, the one who would bring
A song to sing in the shadow of a wing that protects the beloved.
But I am one, or some or none of what he desires
To inspire and fire and not be mired in the dim
Of my little kingdom, so tired.

At first to quench my thirst is a burst of passion
The latest fashion is Jesus the adviser
To the soul compromiser and reviser of truth
That cannot save or even cause me to behave
A slave who thinks he is the master, depraved.

But I end in disaster as my decline accelerates faster
Until I see the flaw of my throne retained
And I am drained of life in the strain to maintain a
Kingdom so plain and empty and far from life-giving.

So I surrender my crown to one more renowned
With words profound as he walked the ground
Of people like me, and now I see, or do I?

Jesus is now king, no loner me
He rules my kingdom from mountains to sea.
But is that what he wants? A kingdom to haunt, not his own
With a taunt from the fool who gave him the crown
Imagining Jesus would be my clown and smile
All the while I stay inside the turnstiles of my realm
Not matter the king. This is still my thing.

But Jesus says “no” to any stake in the rule of a kingdom so small
One so pretend that cannot contend
Or even defend itself against the truth of the real.
No appeal or remotest of zeal for ruling
A throne of my making, far from earth quaking
Or soul shaking, an exercise in spirit faking. And now it must fall.

Because God’s Kingdom is greater.
And he is no waiter here to serve my whim
Yet neither is he the grim and
Oppressive pantocrator I seem to fear
Or else I would also draw near to his kingdom and to him.

Yes, he rules in love as one above all other kingdoms and thrones
Of those who forever drone on and on and on about the
Life that they build, they imagine a sleigh filled with toys for the
Enterprising girls and boys who do it their way.

But I must leave behind
Receive sight as one blind but no longer so
And now able to go where I no longer run the show
As if I ever did, but now it is so.

Jesus is king and here is the thing I finally bring to this rhyme
A high truth worth the climb
It is Christ’s kingdom not mine.
Still he invites me in, out of the dim and grim
Of a kingdom pretend and into his loving rule.
And now I walk in. A wiser man from a fool.

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