Monday, July 23, 2007

Good and Evil, Part 2

Good is dumb so evil will thrive
while those who love good keep the dark foe alive
not in the shadows, the margins, in places hidden
but in plain view where nothing's forbidden to play,
dark rules the day, having his way, creating the fray
that good cannot seem to grasp or even talk to.
Some called "good" called him the sinner's friend
and to the end they planned for him to descend to the
shadows below where they did not know
he was already sent to go to find them.
Yes he was good and he also understood
what he wishes we would
make an effort to know about the others
in our world – that he loves them too.
But dumb cannot see, know, understand, befriend
It can only repeat, preach, attack, defend.
Good is good but it could be better by a twidge
a Mom-word I use
just to rhyme with the bridge
that good must build if it is to be
a bringer or hope too; not just a dope who
doesn't know how to cope through
the culture of our day and say "This way" to ones we
know how to walk with, talk with
and be a friend that is true.
Wise up good. Only the good friend of a sinner
can come out the winner in the battle with evil.
Everyone else loses. What else you got to do?

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