Monday, July 23, 2007

Good and Evil, Part 1

Evil is winning because good is too dumb
First blush it rings true but then I think for some
reason it is too easy to say this
but is there something I may miss
especially if I don't play this
out in my head 'til I get some clarity
on why it may seem true
but may ultimately leave you
and me without any hope that is real
and unable to feel
what is good and is bright, a soul delight,
to end the night of despair
not for all but for some,
and what's dumb is not good

Evil may seem to be winning
benefiting the sinning
while the world is spinning,
burning, imploding, while the underpinning of good
is lost, corrupt and without meaning

But a wise bringer of hope has taken the stage
while those who fail to notice
continue to rage against the
dying machine of folly;
and page after page after page is turned
with words unlearned, earning the inevitable wage

Go ahead and say good is the loser
but she is also the chooser of life
until the One who is good
comes like he said he would, in love

And evil even if it wins for a season
is empty and one whose ultimate fate
is without reason or beauty, art or truth
It cannot create

Evil will lose because loss is all it knows
and good wins so wake up and face it
Never fail to embrace it
He offers a chance please don't waste it
It is so good just to taste it
So good! Always good! Only good!

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