Monday, July 23, 2007

About God

God is eternal. The term "old" does not apply
to the One who is the maker of earth, space, sky
and the whole of creation, not nature as some say
thinking that all that is came about the natural way
but what is natural in a world formed by God's hand,
ex nihilo as the Latin goes, so that you may know
and understanding grows to show
that nature is not its own author,
nor yours nor mine and the bottom line
arrives just in time to shine a truth sublime
that we are created and not natural,
so now we know.
God is a child where the wild
and the mild are reconciled
in joy and God never grows old
or tired of what he has made
from the trees giving shade to the flowers that fade
or each and every blade of grass in the all
the fields of dreams that parade through the mind
of his children who like their Father,
refuse to grow old, yet grow.
We grow old through our sin,
are then so unlike him in the dim
places we crawl to hide the damage
of the fall of our souls within
until we discover grace,
restoring us to the place of no trace
making us free to be a person reconciled,
undefiled and unbeguiled by the
face of deception that calls us nature's product
and not the created child
we are from the breath of the Holy,
and the never aging eternal.
Could it be that God is younger than we,
too blind to see that in childlike joy
is God-like wisdom for you and me?
I believe it in my soul.

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