Monday, February 26, 2007

The Bones of Jesus

The Bones of Jesus Have Been Discoverd! Really?

Well James Cameron says so. He has looked at the scientifially refuted evidence and determined that he, the great director of such artictic classics as The Terminator, knows better than the archeologists who worked on the site for the sake of science. Except for the one archeologist who figured out that this story had a Hollywood cool factor to it and decided to invent a line of reasoning that would lead to a sexier, more marketable and profitable conlusion - the bones of Jesus, his wife and son have been found! Yawn.

Okay, so I'm being a bit cynical. But seriously - don't drink the kool-aid on this one. In the archeological world, this is 27 year old news. And until the wave of the DiVinci Code and the Gospel of Judas rode in, no one cared about this curious but meaningless discovery behind a Jerusalem apratment house. It doesn't come close to showing a connection to the historical Jesus - or so every other archeologist working at the site has said.

Now that won't stop those who neeeeeeeed for it to be true from claiming it is. The debates have already started in the blog-o-sphere full of the predicatble name calling ("fundamentalist Bible thumping idiots" and "perverted left-wing God haters" - you know that kind of thing that is so winsome and engaging).

Oh well, the more fractured and intellectually immature our culture gets, the more we'll see of this kind of thing. In the mean time, if you want to check out a website that asks some really good questions concerning the tomb of Jesus, click this link to y-zine.

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